Garage motors for sale


With the push of a button your gate will open and you will not need to disembark your vehicle, thus also giving you the freedom to escape in your car if you see anyone threatening lurking about. Many apartment buildings and businesses make use of gate motors for extra security. Gate motors have never been so easy to find and are extremely popular. Many office and apartment blocks make use of special tags that are swiped on a receiver for opening the gate. In case of a power cut, you will still have full use of the gate since it is manufactured with battery power as well.


If you are looking for gate motors for sale, then you probably want to further more prevent unauthorized access to your property. Choosing the right automatic gate can be a bit tricky and you should consider a few things before purchasing the first and best on offer. Find out what the gate width should be. A wider gate will be more expensive in itself, as well as heavier; meaning your choice of motor may be affected. Also consider the types of vehicles that will be entering the premises. Next, consider what type of gate will work best for you. A sliding gate is great, but in case of slopes, trees and other buildings it will be best to install a swing gate. Wooden gates are cheaper than steel gates, but they will need to be painted or varnished over time.Make sure you don’t buy the cheapest gate motor when searching for gate motors for sale, it should be able to handle the weight and the number of opening and closings your gate has to deal with. For a gate that will be working often, rather choose a light industrial motor. Another thing to always remember is to maintain your automatic gate, even the best gates needs maintaining. Always check that the track is free from sand preventing your gate to get stuck or worse, come of the rail.


Many gate motors for sale can be found through the internet. Make sure you choose people with good experience to help you install your gate and that can deliver a good warranty. Gate motors are silent, cost effective and will last you a very long time. They are user-friendly and add access control with safety to our homes.

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