Double garage door openers


3 types of garage door openers


Tilt-drive opener: Uses a lifting system which moves along a steel shaft which is threaded. With the least amount of parts they are easy to install but are very noisy.


Chain-drive opener: Operates using a metal chain which lifts the door up or down along a track. They are the best value for money, the downside being that they make the most noise.


Belt-drive opener: They are the same as the chain-drive openers only that they use a belt. They are the newest version and most expensive, but are silent!

Garage door openers come with additional accessories, which include remote controls, keyed switches and keyless entry pads. The accessories offered depend on the manufacturers.


Roll up garage doors save you space, time and are safer than having to get out of your car, especially when coming home alone at night.

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