Access Control Systems

Auto GateFrom Small businesses to large corporations, Auto Gate provides complete access control and security systems for commercial, residential, industrial, financial, education and government institutions. The main task of any properly designed access control system is to manage the flow of people, vehicles and even equipment in an area, building or office. Access controls allow individuals the ability to track users of the system with real-time reports and offers the flexibility of creating time schedules for a totally controlled environment. Gone are the days of making keys and changing locks when an employee loses a key or is no longer with the company. In general, Access Control eliminates many of the inconveniences associated with traditional lock & key systems so the long-term benefits are substantial.

Well designed access systems should stop or at least slow down unauthorized entry and thus minimize the potential for crime. Additionally, an effective access control system can eliminate the potential for internal (employee) and external theft, a huge problem with business today. People steal from companies that give them the opportunity to steal, and where they believe they can get away with it. Let Auto Gate access control experts put their experience to work for you and protect your doors and gates from unauthorized access.





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