Benefits of a Video Intercom System


The options for installing such a system include wireless and wired. If you are installing the intercom system in your home or at work, wireless is the most beneficial option. Wireless is also the safest option when there are children present. However, “blind spots” are a common disadvantage when incorporating a wireless installation as certain places in your home might not benefit from the system.


Of course, if you are still in the process of building your home, nothing prevents you from choosing the wired option. It is the more costly option, but by installing wires straight into the foundation of a building, the market value could go up. Also, when choosing to go the wired route, you won’t have the problem of interference that is common with a wireless installation. This interference could come from neighbours who are installing intercom systems as well.


Regardless of wired or wireless, by installing a video doorbell you’ll ensure your home and personal space is optimized for safety. This means no more opening the door to strangers as you are able to see who is visiting before opening the front door or safety gate and ultimately giving what could be a total stranger access to your home. Video doorbells will give the visitor the option of either pressing a buzzer (usually located by a security gate) or a motion sensor that goes off once somebody passes it. By choosing the motion sensor, you’ll know well in advance when somebody enters your property. This is especially useful for businesses and shops where you might spend a considerable time in the back of your store. The moment a client or customer walks through the door, you’ll be notified.


Additional modifications include infra red lights instead of flashing lights as alternative options to motion detection. Monitors and two way communication devices could also be installed. This is especially useful for blocks of apartments, where visitors enter at a common gate. Cameras are then installed in the surrounding areas to monitor activity. These cameras function in all light and weather conditions, regardless of day or night time. Automatic gate entry devices complete the installing, offering you the flexibility of opening, closing and locking gates. These systems can be programmed to lock on command or after a set period of time has elapsed.


By installing an intercom or video intercom systems, you have peace of mind that no intruders will slip in unnoticed. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing children are monitored. When it comes to our safety, and convenience, we really cannot put a price tag on those benefits.

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